Death and Obsession is a work of fiction co-written by both of us. The 
  setting is Northern Ontario in the fictitious town of Cedarville.  It is the
  first book in a series of three detective stories: Death and Obsession, 
  The Malice Effect,  and Murder Most Complicated.

  Detectives Powell and Hopkins investigate a suspicious death and delve into 
  the lives and behaviours of four friends, all of whom are suspects, and 
  any of whom could be responsible for the crime.

  Follow this police investigation through to the trial and resolution - or is it?          What really happened here?  This storyline will keep you guessing until the 
  very last page... and maybe even longer.

This book is available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

It's a Metaphysical World
Death and Obsession
The Malice Effect
Murder Most Complicated


Death and Obsession