It's A Metaphysical World is a collection of over 100 extraordinary short stories
    drawn from everyday life. Although names, locations and incidental details have
    been changed, the salient facts are true.  

    Each story deals with some aspect of metaphysical phenomena such as intuition,    
    synchronicity, astral travel, bilocation, time warps, past lives, cell and soul memories,    
    healings, hauntings, miracles and sightings.  Psychic sightings include everything 
    from angels to ghosts.

    The strangeness of the stories led us on a fascinating journey of discovery trying to   
    understand the world we thought we knew.
It's a Metaphysical World
Death and Obsession
The Malice Effect
Murder Most Complicated

It's A Metaphysical World - 
Extraordinary Stories from Everyday Life.
This work is written under our pseudonyms of
Marion K. Williams and Elena J. Michaels, 
and is available through Amazon, Indigo and Barnes & Noble.   
We hope you enjoy this book as much as we 
enjoyed writing it - Susie & Reggie
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